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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Famed Escape Artist to Perform for Girls Inc. of Worcester

Alexanderia the Great should an inspiration for escape artists and young women everywhere.

Alexanderia the Great, the world's premier female escape artist and a Medway native, will be appearing at Girls Incorporated of Worcester on Friday fresh from her nationally televised performance in New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall. The performance will take place at 125 Providence Street in Worcester.

Alexanderia, known as Donna Purnell in real life, will perform, with audience participation, her Extreme Strait Jacket Escape, along with a Rope Tie Escape. With this escape, she is placed in a Houdini Strait Jacket, wrapped with 50 feet of chain and 10 padlocks with audience assistance. She is a great admirer of Houdini, but she's not a simple imitator.

"If you know me you know that simply duplicating Harry [Houdini] escapes was not enough. I needed to surpass the master," she remarks on her website.

"So in my training, I have worked on increasing my strength, breath hold times and the ability to deal with more pain."

Her efforts are being rewarded, as she is quickly gaining fame nationwide.

Her act aligns perfectly with the mission of Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to "inspiring all girls to become strong, smart and bold."

"Her escapes represent to her audiences things aren’t that bad, even when the challenges of everyday life may 'tie you up' or 'put you in a box", remarks Girls Inc.

"Through her demonstration she will show the girls how we all can escape from situations of violence or bad relationships."

Alexanderia the Great - Beyond Houdini

Alexanderia’s Radio City performance was part of NBC’s America’s Got Talent in June. She performed the first ever full-view Underwater Strait Jacket Escape in chains on the famed stage using her personal locked underwater cell. This trick goes far beyond anything her hero Houdini ever attempted.

She has also made appearances on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, and the CBS Evening News in addition to numerous other outlets.

The performance begins at 9:00 am. More information on Alexanderia can be found on her