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Girls Inc. of Worcester inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold.  One of our elite programs, Eureka!, is a year-round, five-year STEM intensive program that engages and empowers 8th-12th grade girls as they develop confidence and discover leadership and academic opportunities in STEM fields.  

Application for the 2029 Cohort is closed.

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Throughout this 5-year program, attendees engage in activities such as:

Healthy Living

Opportunities and experiences that provide them with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Stress Management
  • Body Image

Life Skills Instruction

Girls will participate in program activities and experiences that build the learning, skills, and behaviors that enable them to function independently and live a productive and fulfilling life. Topics include:

  • Persistence and resilience 
  • Ability to delay gratification
  • Improved emotional control

Academic Enrichment and Support

Girls will participate in program activities and experiences that expand on and support their school-based learning and engagement such as:

  • Prepare for high school & college
  • Professional Development
  • Economic Independence

The program overview includes monthly school year meetings as well as 4 weeks in the summer: 


The cumulative success of Eureka! demonstrates an extraordinary return on investment for these 50 girls. Outcomes include:

  • 100% graduate high-school on time;
  • Accepted at more than 20 colleges including five (5) Ivy Leagues;
  • Earned more than $2 million per year in academic scholarships including nine (9) full-pay;
  • 50% are first generation to go to college
  • 70% are selecting STEM-related majors.


Girls Inc is committed to providing the comprehensive Girls Inc. Experience to Girls - including those who identify as girls regardless as their assigned sex at birth, and those who are exploring their gender identity or expression during their time at Girls Inc.

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