2021-2022 Annual Report

Message from the CEO & President

Pam Daly Victoria Waterman Dear Friends,

On behalf of Girls Inc. of Worcester’s Board of Directors and staff, thank you. With your help in 2021-2022, we were able to maintain a strong financial position and continue to serve the Worcester community in a meaningful way. We delivered on our mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold!

This year was full of adapting to challenges and getting creative to serve our community while continuing to strategically push the organization forward.

As we carry on to rebuild and gain momentum as the severity of the pandemic decreases, we want to take the time to celebrate some of the successes that this past year has brought us:

Serving our girls and their needs: Kept after school rates extremely affordable, as low as $6 a day and summer camp fees as low as $40 a week. We added enrichment programs to enhance our research-based programs for current and new girls to join at no cost. Programs include, Girls on the Run, a running program which inspires girls to recognize their strengths and work as a team and EatWell, a nutritious meal kit giving girls and families that opportunity to cook healthy meals together. We served more girls in our neighborhood and came up with an innovative solution to tackle the bussing shortage.

Removed barriers to access: Eliminated the daunting financial aid process and invited families to self-select their income range and need for financial assistance.

Expanded STEM access to a new market: In the summer of 2022, we launched the Eureka! MetroWest program thanks to our inaugural funder, Women’s Foundation Boston, and corporate sponsor, Hologic and our educational partnership with Framingham State McAuliffe Center.

Supported our neighborhood: Thanks to the leadership of Worcester Public Schools, we provided swim lessons for all 3rd grade students of Vernon Hill and Union Hill schools as well as scholarships for neighborhood girls to attend summer camp at no cost.

Created new staff positions and a pipeline for workforce readiness: We invested in hiring a Director of Social Emotional Learning to support ALL girls in our programs at no cost to our families, thanks to the generous support of the Wellington Foundation, as well as a Manager of People and Culture to strengthen the culture of DEI for staff and girls. Additionally, we invested in a Counselor in Training (CIT) program this summer for teens to train in leadership, safety, and youth development with the dual goal of increasing confidence in teens while keeping them productive, thanks to the generosity of the United Way of Central MA.

Remarkable outcomes for our Eureka! High School graduates: This year an impressive cohort of 24 girls graduated from the Eureka! Class of 2022. 100% of graduates plan to attend higher education, 4 graduates will attend ivy league schools (Brown, Dartmouth, Princeton and Yale), 53% are first generation college students and 72% plan to major in STEM related disciplines, more than twice the national average!

We look forward to making 2022-2023 a year to remember! Not only will we continue to drive towards goals in our Strategic Direction, but we will get back to basics, in our “new normal” environment! We will improve the quality of our programs, welcome back community and corporate volunteers, and continue to adapt to the needs of our girls with a sense of urgency.

This work would not be possible without our dedicated Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and community supporters. Our thanks to each of you who has played a role in making a difference in the lives of our girls and the community.

Pam & Victoria

Officers & Directors


  • Pamela J. Daly, President
  • Nishita Roy-Pope, Vice President
  • Steve A. Thebodo, CPA, Treasurer
  • Judith Henry, Secretary
  • Anissa Zabriskie, SHRM-CP, HR Liaison


  • Amy Borg
  • Juliana Brown
  • Pamela J. Daly
  • Marlina Duncan
  • Cindy J. Etherington
  • Barbara Guertin
  • Katherine Han
  • Sarah J. Kyriazis, EdD
  • Michelle Morneau
  • Elaine Osgood
  • Kris Prosser
  • Jody Staruk
  • Jill Wardle
  • Shelly Yarnie
  • Pamela Zorge


  • Abena Asamoah-Pratt
  • Abigale Paluk
  • Allison James
  • Alyssa Kates
  • Andrea Agyeman
  • Angelann Gachoka
  • Anh Bui
  • Ann Marie Dawes
  • Annalise Loizeaux
  • Annalysse Hazzard
  • Annitah Nakandi
  • Anthony Papagni
  • Asiah Rochelle
  • Benjamin Paluk
  • Breanna Chevalier-Clark
  • Catrin Weimbs
  • Cheyanne Zappala
  • Colin Duffey
  • Daniel Castillo-Aponte
  • Darhianys Bethancourt
  • De'Ana Florence
  • Edna - May Johnston - Davis
  • Ella Piers
  • Emma Goldblatt
  • Fatoumata Diallo
  • Felicia Morgan
  • Gabriella Greenman
  • Glenda Asare
  • Gwyneth Campbell
  • Haley Dwinell
  • Heather Keenan
  • Isaac Akande
  • Jadyn Oppong
  • Jamika Townsend
  • Janai Pough
  • Jariana Olukoga
  • Jasmine Owusu
  • Jennifer Casey
  • Jillian Jette
  • Kady Benson
  • Kaitlyn DeBlois
  • Katelyn McGrath
  • Katherine Misiaszek
  • Kenia Sanchez
  • Krysten Feeney
  • Livia Murray
  • Maria Ayala
  • Maria Calderon
  • Marielys Rodriguez
  • Marigona Bacaliu
  • Massandje Fofana
  • Maya Davidson
  • Meghan Dowd
  • Michelle Duong
  • Milene Cruz
  • Morica Balcos
  • Mundanikure Goderiva
  • Olivia Pastor
  • Paola Jimenez
  • Penelope Chappel
  • Rediet Tadele
  • Robin Powers
  • Rose Romanos
  • Ruthanne Ward
  • Sadie Gareau
  • Samuel Curtis
  • Selam Van Voorhis
  • Susy Daniels
  • Tatum Derry
  • Taylor Rich
  • Theresa Young
  • Tiffany DeOliveira
  • Victoria Waterman
  • Zachary Roy

Success Story

On June 15th, we hosted our Career & College Shower event for the Eureka! Class of 2022 graduates.

In most traditions, females get honored and “showered” with gifts to offset the expenses incurred from starting a new life as a mom or wife. Based on the staggering amount of student debt that is crippling our country and our youth, the expense of college rivals the cost of getting married and having a baby. At Girls Inc., we believe that graduating from high school and furthering education and careers are accomplishments and we celebrate by throwing a career and college shower!

The Eureka! Class of 2022 set some extraordinary records:

  • 100% were accepted and plan to go on to higher education!
  • 53% will be first generation college students!
  • 3 plan to attend ivy league schools - including Brown, Princeton, and Yale
  • 72% plan to major in STEM fields more than half the national average!

This is an impressive group of young women who should be extremely proud of themselves!


The Daryl Hymoff Kreindel Scholarship Award was presented to Janai Pough during the College & Career Shower 2022.

Daryl Kreindel is an alum of Girls Inc. of Worcester—she says that our programs played an important part in her development. She describes Girls Inc. as a second home from the age of six through her teenage years. Due in part to her experiences at Girls Inc., Daryl went on to study math at Clark University. Daryl created this ongoing scholarship to support the next generation of girls as they pursue continuing education opportunities.

We were proud to present the Daryl Hymoff Kreindel Scholarship and Award to Janai in June 2022. Janai says that Girls Inc. and the Eureka! program had helped her see what type of field she wanted to be in. Now in school for her Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) program, she is thankful she was given an internship opportunity at UMass Memorial where she got to work closely with medical professionals. We are so proud of Janai and her accomplishments!


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Statement of Financial Position

  2022 2021 Variance
Cash & Cash Equivalents $2,005,799 $1,831,610 $174,189
Pledges Receivable, Net 100,000 80,000 20,000
Grants and Other Receivable 12,202 24,916 (12,714)
Prepaid Expenses & Other Assets 17,914 52,477 (34,563)
Property & Equipment, Net 4,198,671 4,430,158 (231,487)
Investments 5,997,785 7,082,528 (1,084,743)
Beneficial Interest in Trust 901,428 1,140,687 (239,259)
Pledges receivable, Non Current - 46,902 (46,902)
Total Assets $13,233,799 $14,689,278 $(1,455,479)
Current Liabilities $180,316 $169,166 $11,150
Payable Protection Program (PPP) - 226,159 (226,159)
Total Liabilties $180,316 $395,325 $(304,620)
Net Assets      
Restricted Funds 1,544,113 1,851,737 (307,624)
Other Unrestricted 11,509,370 12,442,216 (932,846)
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $13,233,799 $14,689,278 $1,455,479

Statement of Activities

  2022 2021 Variance
Revenue & Other Support      
United Way of Central MA $234,447 $126,223 $(108,224)
Grants and Contribution Revenue 1,219,489 1,553,858 (334,689)
Program & Registration Fees 136,149 64,314 71,835
Capital Campaign Contributions - 8,324 (8,324)
In-kind donations 49,061 8,329 40,732
Rental Income 15,650 8,400 7,250
Dividend and Interest, net fees 120,897 96,900 23,997
Net assets released from restrictions for operations - - -
Total revenue and other support $1,775,693 $1,866,348 $(90,655)
Program services $1,560,871 $1,569,280 (8,409)
Support Services 639,392 485,927 153,465
Payments to national organization 12,620 12,660 (40)
Total Expenses $2,212,883 $2,067,867 $145,016
Change in net assets from operating activities (437,190) (201,519) (235,671)
Nonoperating Activities      
Gain on sale of property and equipment - - -
Investment return, net (1,198,025) 1,583,367 (2,781,392)
Change in beneficial interest in trust (239,259) 222,629 (461,888)
Government grant - forgiveness of PPP loan 226,159 191,000 35,159
Employee retention credit (ERC) 407,845 - 407,845
Total nonoperating activities $(803,280) $1,996,996 $(2,800,276)
Change in net assets (1,279,803) 1,795,477 (3,075,280)
Net Assets - Beginning $14,293,953 $12,498,476 $1,795,477
Net Assets - Ending $13,053,483 $14,293,953 $(1,240,470)