Girls Inc. of Worcester Receives over $150,000 for STEM Programs

Release Date: 
Monday, January 14, 2013
STEM Program

Girls Incorporated of Worcester received funding for the 2012/2013 academic year from 13 foundations/corporations to support its STEM programs?Eureka (Girls Inc.’s unique new capstone program that encourages girls in grades 8-12 to explore career paths and post-secondary educational opportunities in STEM), Thinking SMART (grades 7-8), and Operation SMART (grades K-6). As the majority of the 165 girls involved in these programs are between the ages of 10-14, we are reaching them at a juncture when many girls’ interest in these subjects is at risk of declining. The addition of Eureka allows Girls Inc. to provide a pipeline of programs for under-served girls in grades K-12; building girls’ confidence and skills through a continuum of engaging hands-on STEM opportunities. The Eureka program will follow girls through to their high school graduation and college acceptance.

STEM grants were received from:

• The Women’s Self-Worth Foundation/Girls Inc. National

• Fred Harris Daniels Foundation

• Intel


• United Way of Central Massachusetts

• Boston Bruins Foundation

• Worcester Public Schools 21st Century funding from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

• Bank of America

• Boston Scientific

• Boston Foundation for Architecture

• Sovereign Bank

• MathWorks

• Hart Foundation

“We are grateful to the support of corporate sponsors and foundations who recognize the long-reaching impact of our STEM programs. Thanks to their commitment, our girls are being mentored and given the unique opportunity to discover science, technology, engineering, math and learn about related career opportunities that will positively impact their futures” said Victoria Waterman, CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester.

The program goals are to dispel stereotypes about math and science that many girls express, and to give girls an opportunity to develop the personal tools necessary to be successful in school and pursue education and careers in mathematics and the sciences. By preparing girls for high performance expectations and economic independence, Girls Inc. is arming girls with the skills and tools to not only achieve, but to pave their own futures in higher paying careers and break the cycle of poverty.