2019-2020 Annual Report

Message from the CEO & President

Dear Friends,

Pam Daly Victoria Waterman We began our 2020 fiscal year “staying positive” and ended the year “remaining negative”.  Building on the success of the Capital Campaign, our organization set out to complete the Capital Renovation and meet the ambitious growth goals of our Strategic Direction. We were positively on track to exceed our goals in the early part of March, at which time the COVID-19 pandemic paused life as we know it. Our Board of Directors and staff took bold steps to respond to the emergency, set a vision to recover and re-imagine our work. Amidst this crisis, Girls Inc. was able to connect to girls and families virtually and through safe, socially distant in-person programs. We remain negative, with 0 Covid-19 cases to date!

How our staff, our board, and our partners pivoted and adapted:

  • Leveraged the Payroll Protection Program to keep staff on payroll for 8 weeks.
  • Immediately responded with free virtual programs offered to 100% of our girls.
  • Launched “GirlPad” – a free grab & go program to give 1,500 one-month period product supplies to girls in the community, who were lacking access local resources. 
  • Opened modified, socially distant summer camp and Learning Hub programs providing meals, internet access, and all equipment/supplies for girls to have everything they need to attend school remotely at our center.
  • Complying with strict local, state, and CDC safety guidelines - NO positive cases of Covid-19 amongst our staff or girls!  

Completion of $5 million state-of-the-art renovations: 

  • Thanks to the generosity of so many supporters, we “cut the ribbon” on our Saint-Gobain Technology Center. This state-of-the-art space will help to close the gap on the “digital-divide” affecting our most under-resourced girls.  
  • We have also replaced our roof, renovated the pool, lobby, bathrooms and auditorium, and upgraded the security, and fire, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. None of us could have imagined 5 years ago how important new hospital grade air filters would be in 2020.

Girls Inc. of Worcester’s work continues as we strive to meet the bold goals of our Strategic Direction, including strengthening our advocacy efforts and fostering our culture of diversity and inclusion.   

None of this work would be possible without our dedicated Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and community supporters. Our thanks to each of you who has played a role in making a difference in the lives of girls and the community.  

We hope you “stay positive” and “remain negative”.

Pam & Victoria

Officers & Directors


  • Pam Daly, President
  • Brianne M. Tangney, 1st Vice President
  • Nishita Roy-Pope, 2nd Vice President
  • Steven A. Thebodo, CPA, Treasurer
  • Diane M. Giampa, Human Resources Liaison
  • Laura Estaphan, Secretary


  • Ingrid Adade
  • Kenneth F. Atchue 
  • Amy Borg 
  • Mithu Bhargava 
  • Robert Doherty 
  • Colleen Dowd 
  • John R. Frongillo, Jr., CRPC 
  • Betsy Fuller, PT, Ed.D 
  • Barbara Guertin 
  • Judith Henry 
  • Coretta McCarter 
  • Michelle Morneau 
  • Marie Morse
  • Sheree Ohen 
  • Elaine Osgood 
  • Kris Prosser 
  • Jody Staruk
  • Shelly Yarnie 
  • Pamela Zorge 

Honorary Directors

  • Suzanne O. Carlson
  • Helen P. Koskinas
  • Valerie S. Loring
  • Mary McShea
  • Stella Mingolla
  • Mary Jane (Jid) Sprague
  • Sarah H. Williams


  • Angela Angell
  • Kayara Burnett
  • Jennifer Casey
  • Daniel Castillo-Aponte
  • Katharine Cooney
  • Benjamin Darling
  • Ann Marie Dawes
  • Kaitlyn DeBlois
  • Trinidy Degon
  • Gemelee DePasquale
  • Fatoumata Diallo
  • Pnina Dotan
  • Meghan Dowd
  • Judith Fleming
  • Ronan Foley
  • Tina Gaffney
  • Sarah Goguen
  • Emma Goldblatt
  • Gabriella Greenman
  • Kelley Harris
  • Jordann Hauge
  • Annalysse Hazzard
  • Allison James
  • Kristen Laforest
  • Annalise Loizeaux
  • Jennifer Madson
  • Dorothy McCoy
  • Rebecca Mitchell
  • Felicia Morgan
  • Anthony Papagni
  • Olivia Pastor
  • Yaa Poku
  • Monique Reyes-Navarro
  • Johanna Riddle
  • Sheniqua Rogers
  • Kenia Sanchez
  • Maria Sarmiento
  • Kaila Skeet Browning
  • Rachel Silverman
  • Helen Tautkus
  • Steven Vasquez
  • Victoria Waterman
  • Catrin Weimbs
  • Cheyanne Zappala

*This list includes year-round fulltime, parttime, and seasonal staff from summer 2020. 

COVID-19 Response

In response to a state mandated stay-at-home order, Girls Inc. of Worcester ceased all in-person programming on March 13, 2020. Within 2 weeks, our incredible staff had developed, modified, and implemented more than 10 free virtual programs for our girls. More than 900 girls were contacted directly by staff to ensure their social and emotional wellbeing. We were able to offer limited in-person summer camp for 30 girls at little to no cost to their families. Staff continued to create and offer dynamic virtual programming opportunities through the summer.

Success Story

Success story: Meet Niah! 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely stressful for many of our participants and their families. Despite these challenges, many of our participants have continued to retain and build  resilience, leadership, and social emotional skills – all aspects of personal development that we emphasize in our programming.

Niah is a middle schooler and regular in Girls Inc.’s after-school and summer programs. This summer, Niah was able to join our limited in-person camp for several weeks. During her first week at camp, Niah befriended a girl in her group who is currently in foster care. Within a short period of time, the girls became very close and talked on the phone every day. When Niah went on vacation and wasn’t at camp for a week; she and her new friend would check in with each other and made plans to see each other again. Niah and her friend, like other girls at Girls Inc., were able to learn the important social and emotional skills they needed to support each other and to navigate difficult situations.

Capital Campaign

2020 marks the conclusion of our 5-year Capital Campaign and Renovations! The $5 million renovations transformed our dated building into a safe, state-of-the-art facility for our girls to learn and grow into Strong, Smart and Bold young women. Updates included the pool, gym, heating, cooling, air, ventilation, security, roof, and staff areas. Girls Inc. is particularly proud to present our newly opened Saint-Gobain Technology Center which will provide technology-based training for girls in the Worcester area for years to come. Thank you to our Capital Campaign Donors for supporting this incredible work!

Capital Campaign Donors Ribbon Cutting/Renovations Tour Our Facility


New! Daryl Krindel Scholarship

During our 2020 Career and College Shower, the Inaugural Daryl Kriendel Award was presented to Annalysse Hazzard.

Daryl Kriendel is an alum of Girls Inc. of Worcester—she says that our programs played an important part in her development. She describes Girls Inc. as a second home from the age of six through her teenage years. Due in part to her experiences at Girls Inc., Daryl went on to study math at Clark University. Daryl created this ongoing scholarship to support the next generation of girls as they pursue continuing education opportunities.

We were proud to present the Inaugural Daryl Krindel Scholarship and Award to Annalysse in June 2020. Annalysse is the first girl in recent memory to complete a 13-year, Kindergarten through 12th grade journey through Girls Inc. of Worcester’s pipeline of programs. As a recent Eureka! graduate and current Girls Inc. staff member, Annalysee continues to be an incredible role model for younger girls. Congratulations, Annalysse!


Download Financials Program & Operations Supporters

Statement of Financial Position

  2020 2019 Variance
Cash & Cash Equivalents $1,908,168 $1,687,909 $220,259
Pledges receivable, net $66,508 $180,711 ($114,203)
Grants and other receivable $56,391 $104,734 ($48,343)
Prepaid Expenses & Other Assets $20,151 $31,081 ($10,930)
Property & Equipment Net $4,553,630 $3,772,227 $781,403
Investments $5,643,839 $5,850,243 ($206,404)
Beneficial Interest in Trust $918,058 $923,784 ($5,726)
Pledges Receivable, non current $31,676 $19,292 $12,384
Total Assets $13,198,421 $12,569,981 $628,440
Liabilities & Net Assets
Current Liabilities (accts. Payable, accrued expenses, Restricted Funds deferred revenue) $592,947 $179,935 $413,012
Restricted Funds $1,476,770 $2,138,029 ($661,259)
Other Unrestricted $11,021,706 $10,252,017 $769,689
Total Liabilities $ Net Assets $13,198,421 $12,569,981 $628,440

Statement of Activities

  2020 2019 Variance
Revenue & Other Support
United Way of Central MA $146,607 $163,796 ($17,189)
Grants and contribution revenue $986,419 $882,620 $103,799
Program fees and registration fees $248,154 $334,711 ($86,557)
Capital campaign contributions $371,511 $115,064 $256,447
In-Kind contributions $48,545 $43,679 $4,866
Rental Income $9,100 $7,620 $1,480
Dividends and Interest Income (net of fees) $122,206 $211,648 ($89,442)
Total Support & Revenue $1,932,542 $1,759,138 $173,404
Expenses     $0
Program Services $1,512,731 $1,407,713 $105,018
Support Services $465,581 $399,050 $66,531
Payment to GI National $12,620 $12,620 $0
Total Expenses $1,990,932 $1,819,383 $171,549
Change in net assets from operating activities ($58,390) ($60,245) $1,855
Nonoperating Activities
Gain on sale of property and equipment $0 $24,500 ($24,500)
Investment return, net $172,546 $162,717 $9,829
Change in beneficial interest in trust ($5,726) $3,741 ($9,467)
Total nonoperating activities $166,820 $190,958 ($24,138)
Change in net assets $108,430 $130,713 ($22,283)
Net Assets- Beginning $12,390,046 $12,259,333 $130,713
Net Assets- Ending $12,498,476 $12,390,046 $108,430