Envisioning the #BlackGirlFuture

These biases can cause adults to have less empathy for Black girls and disregard their social and emotional needs. #blackgirlfuture 

The perception that Black girls are “less innocent” can contribute to harsher punishment in school, fewer leadership opportunities, and less support in school. #blackgirlfuture 

Black children experience excessive discipline as early as preschool for offenses such as disruptive behavior and tantrums, making them 10 times more likely to face discipline, grade retention, and involvement with the criminal system. #blackgirlfuture

Racism and racial bias puts Black girls at risk of sexual violence. We have to know the realities our girls face so we can start to combat them. #blackgirlfuture

In the 2015-2016 school year, Black girls made up 16% of the total female public school population, yet made up 36% of female students who reported being bullied on the basis of race. This needs to change! #blackgirlfuture