Lady Leos - Geniuses on the Move!!!

July 8, 2009 - 9:44pm -- cathisblog
In the Stem Lab
in the STEM lab 2
Silly Putty

This week has opened a whole new world to 9 young Middle School aged women and me - the world of HOW TO THINK LIKE LEONARDO DA VINCI!!  Based on Clark Alum Michael Gelb's book How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci, these young women, along with several Girls Inc staff and volunteers are half-way through a journey focused on the seven principles: Curiosity, Learning by Doing; Sensory Learning; Sfumato (you have to look that one up!); Body/Mind connection; Art/Science Connection; and How Everything in Connected!  We have studied Leonardo, practiced some yoga, gone on urban hikes and swimming; gone to the UMass Science Lab; watched a bio of Leo and some Harry Potter, too; been behind the scenes at the Worcester Art Museum - Thursday we go to Mechanics Hall for a grand tour - and Friday we cook and enjoy a grand Italian meal!   

I will publish the story in the Lady Leos' words on this blog next week.  For now, please enjoy a few of the pictures from our time on Tuesday with Karin Spahl at the UMass Med School's Regional Science Resource Lab!  The girls extracted DNA from onions, made Silly Putty and created a substance that was both solid and liquid all at the same time!  It was a great day! 

Check back for more postings later in the week - and the girls' summary next week.  Stay Tuned!