2020-2021 Annual Report

Message from the CEO & President

Dear Friends,

Pam Daly Victoria Waterman On behalf of Girls Inc. of Worcester’s Board of Directors and Staff, thank YOU! With your help, 2020-2021 has been a year of rebuilding, renewal, and reconnection.

In a year where we saw the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Girls Inc. of Worcester has safely and effectively pushed the boundaries of what was previously possible.  We engaged new volunteers and community partners, established new programs, and most importantly did not have to close our doors even once. 

As we move into this new normal, we want to take the time to celebrate some of the successes that this past year has brought us:

  • Serving our girls and their needs: Served girls in our Learning Hub and summer camp. The Eureka! program continued going forward with virtual and in-person higher-ed and externships. During the career and college shower, every girl received a laptop. 
  • Made our programs more accessible to all girls: Launched a simple, self-determined financial aid process to enable all girls to access our award-winning programs. Significantly lowered the cost of fee-based programs and increased the number of free programs. 
  • Expanded STEM access: Launched Eureka! JV, a one-year program for 6th and 7th graders to learn about STEM fields. Put our new Saint-Gobain Technology Center to good use - using 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, drones, and much more!
  • Moved forward our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals: Implemented a self-selecting financial aid process to reduce barriers to access. Engaged in ongoing, leadership-level DEI training and strategic planning.

With your help, Girls Inc. of Worcester is ready to make 2022 a year to remember. In October 2021, our Board of Directors unveiled our new 2021-2024 Strategic Direction. Here are a few examples of we plan to accomplish these goals:

  • Expand to new communities: We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing our signature Eureka! program to MetroWest in the Spring of 2022! Staff are also expanding our community-based programs to new sites and new groups of girls in Central MA.
  • Pandemic-proof our future: We are investing in technology and infrastructure to maintain our capacity to implement high-quality programs in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid setting.
  • Make Girls Inc. the #1 place to be: Board and Staff are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for girls, volunteers, and staff.
  • Committed to making Capital Improvements at Camp Kinneywood: We want Camp to be fun, inspiring, and accessible for all. Stay tuned for more details about how you can support our camp renovations in 2022!

None of this work would be possible without our dedicated Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and community supporters. Our thanks to each of you who has played a role in making a difference in the lives of girls and the community.  

Pam & Victoria

Officers & Directors


  • Pamela J. Daly, President
  • Nishita Roy-Pope, Vice President
  • Steve A. Thebodo, CPA, Treasurer
  • Judith Henry, Secretary


  • Amy Borg
  • Juliana Brown
  • Pamela J. Daly
  • Marlina Duncan
  • Cindy J. Etherington
  • Barbara Guertin
  • Katherine Han
  • Judith Henry
  • Sarah J. Kyriaizis
  • Michelle Morneau
  • Elaine Osgood
  • Nishita Roy-Pope
  • Kris Prosser
  • Jody Staruk
  • Steven Thebodo
  • Jill Wardle
  • Shelly Yarnie
  • Pamela Zorge
  • Anissa Zabriskie

Honorary Directors

  • Helen P. Koskinas
  • Valerie S. Loring
  • Mary McShea
  • Stella Mingolla
  • Mary Jane (Jid) Sprague
  • Sarah H. Williams


  • Glenda Asare
  • Morica Balcos
  • Kayara Burnett
  • Courtney Campbell
  • Gwyneth Campbell
  • Jennifer Casey
  • Daniel Castillo-Aponte
  • Grace Choi
  • Katharine Cooney
  • Benjamin Darling
  • Ann Marie Dawes
  • Tiffany DeOliveira
  • Fatoumata Diallo
  • Julia Ducharme
  • Colin Duffey
  • Michelle Duong
  • Esther Farrow
  • Judith Fleming
  • Massandje Fofana
  • Amanda Frost
  • Angelann Gachoka
  • Tina Gaffney
  • Mundanikure Goderiva
  • Sarah Goguen
  • Emma Goldblatt
  • Gabriella Greenman
  • Kelley Harris
  • Annalysse Hazzard
  • Allison James
  • Annalise Loizeaux
  • Jennifer Madson
  • Katelyn McGrath
  • Felicia Morgan
  • Jariana Olukoga
  • Jasmine Owusu
  • Abigale Paluk
  • Anthony Papagni
  • Monique Reyes-Navarro
  • Alis Rivera
  • Carol Rodriguez
  • Rose Romanos
  • Zachary Roy
  • Kenia Sanchez
  • Rachel Silverman
  • Rediet Tadele
  • Elizabeth Torteson
  • Steven Vasquez
  • Victoria Waterman
  • Catrin Weimbs
  • Aleah Wetteland
  • Cheyanne Zappala

*This list includes year-round fulltime, part time, and seasonal staff from summer 2021.

COVID-19 Response

Once the school year ended in spring/summer of 2021, Girls Inc. of Worcester transitioned back to a programmatic model that emphasizes in-person programs while continuing to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines. Over the summer, Girls Inc. of Worcester was able to offer a full-day summer camp at our center and at Camp Kinneywood. In the Fall of 2021, Girls Inc. of Worcester also resumed their normal operations which includes our STEM and Leadership programs Eureka! and Eureka!JV, health and wellness programming, and our in-person Afterschool program. Girls Inc. has been focusing on supporting girls in their academic success by offering opportunities for academic enrichment and tutoring. Thanks to outpouring support from community volunteers, Girls Inc. has been able to implement a tutoring program, LearningHub, that focuses on mitigating the learning loss that occurred during extended school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff continue to create and offer program opportunities for our girls. 

Success Story

Emily* is a bright and friendly 11-year-old Girls Inc. girl who was excited to return this summer. As a regular attendee of our after-school program, Emily was excited to return to a safe and positive community. Like many her age, Emily has experienced academic as well as social/emotional gaps during these past few months away from school and her friends. As staff worked with girls to build comradery, Emily became more confident and made close friends with other campers. She even chose to attend an additional week of camp to support a friend who was new to Girls Inc. of Worcester. Emily is excited to continue making new friends and hanging out with familiar friends come this fall. 

*name changed for privacy


Daryl Krindel Scholarship

During our 2021 Career and College Shower, the Inaugural Daryl Kriendel Award was presented to Yazmin Rivera.

Daryl Kriendel is an alum of Girls Inc. of Worcester—she says that our programs played an important part in her development. She describes Girls Inc. as a second home from the age of six through her teenage years. Due in part to her experiences at Girls Inc., Daryl went on to study math at Clark University. Daryl created this ongoing scholarship to support the next generation of girls as they pursue continuing education opportunities.

We were proud to present the Inaugural Daryl Krindel Scholarship and Award to Yazmin in June 2021. Yazmin says that she is grateful of Girls Inc. for all the opportunities she has been given. She will continue to cherish all the memories and friendships she has made during her time at Eureka! and at Girls Inc. of Worcester.


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Statement of Financial Position

  2021 2020 Variance
Cash & Cash Equivalents $1,831,610 $1,908,168 $(76,558)
Pledges Receivable, Net 80,000 66,508 13,492
Grants and Other Receivable 24,916 56,391 (31,475)
Prepaid Expenses & Other Assets 52,477 20,151 32,326
Property & Equipment, Net 4,430,158 4,553,630 (123,472)
Investments 7,082,528 5,643,839 1,438,689
Beneficial Interest in Trust 1,140,687 918,058 222,629
Pledges receivable, Non Current 46,902 31,676 15,226
Total Assets $14,689,278 $13,198,421 $1,490,857
Current Liabilities $169,166 $508,945 $(339,779)
Payable Protection Program (PPP) 226,159 191,000 35,159
Total Liabilties $395,325 $699,945 $(304,620)
Net Assets      
Restricted Funds 1,851,737 1,476,770 374,967
Other Unrestricted 12,442,216 11,021,706 1,420,510
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $14,689,278 $13,198,421 $1,490,857

Statement of Activities

  2021 2020 Variance
Revenue & Other Support      
United Way of Central MA $126,223 $146,607 $(20,384)
Grants and Contribution Revenue 1,553,858 986,419 567,439
Program & Registration Fees 64,314 248,154 (183,840)
Capital Campaign Contributions 8,324 371,511 (363,187)
In-kind donations 8,329 48,545 (40,216)
Rental Income 8,400 9,100 (700)
Dividend and Interest, net fees 96,900 122,206 (25,306)
Net assets released from restrictions for operations - - -
Total revenue and other support $1,866,348 $1,932,542 $(66,194)
Program services $1,569,280 $1,512,731 56,549
Support Services 485,927 465,581 20,346
Payments to national organization 12,660 12,620 40
Total Expenses $2,067,867 $1,990,932 $76,935
Change in net assets from operating activities (201,519) (58,390) (143,129)
Nonoperating Activities      
Gain on sale of property and equipment - - -
Investment return, net 1,583,367 172,546 1,410,821
Change in beneficial interest in trust 222,629 (5,726) 228,355
Government grant - forgiveness of PPP loan 191,000 - 191,000
Total nonoperating activities $1,996,996 $166,820 $1,830,176
Change in net assets 1,795,477 108,430 1,687,047
Net Assets - Beginning $12,498,476 $12,390,046 $108,430
Net Assets - Ending $14,293,953 $12,498,476 $1,795,477