Alumni Questionnaire

Remember when you were a member of Girls Inc. of Worcester? We want to hear from you to see what wonderful accomplishments you have made since being a member. Your success stories play an important role in the future growth and development of Girls Inc. of Worcester.

We hope that you will take the time to reconnect with us and share your success stories of how you continue to be Strong, Smart, and Bold in your community. You are an inspiration to our current members.

In preparation for Girls Inc. of Worcester's 100th anniversary, we are in the process of building our alumni community.  If you previously attended Girls Inc. of Worcester, Girls Club, and/or Camp Kinneywood, we would to love to make contact with you! 

Please complete the on-line Alumni Contact form and help inspire the next generation of leaders:

Are you in touch with any of your former acquaintances from Girls Inc. of Worcester, Girls Club, and/or Camp Kinneywood? If yes, please provide any contact information below
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