Board of Directors 2016-2017

Our Board of Directors is comprised of dynamic individuals who are committed to our mission and essential to our success. 

Executive Committee

  • Diane M. Giampa, President
  • Alicia M. O'Connell, 1st Vice President
  • Kenneth F. Atchue, Treasurer
  • Amy Borg, Secretary 
  • Steven A. Thebodo, CPA, Assistant Treasurer


  • Billye W. Auclair, Ph.D
  • Celia J. Blue
  • Christine Biscotti-Quitadamo
  • Christine Cassidy
  • Colleen Dowd
  • John Frongillo, CRPC
  • Betsy S. Fuller, PT, EdD
  • Deb Gavron-Ravenelle, Esq. 
  • Barbara Guertin
  • Robert E. Jennings
  • Esther Jones Cowan, Ph.D.
  • Sheree Marlowe
  • Elaine Osgood
  • Lauren M. Petit
  • Kris Prosser
  • Maria M. Rivera-Cotto
  • Nishita Roy-Pope
  • Brianne M. Tangney
  • Shelly Yarnie