2019 Super Camp Themes

Week One: June 24 – June 28 "Express Yourself and Magnify Your Mind!"

Our summer begins with learning about fellow campers and making new Friends! This week will feature amazing experiments that make the girls say WOW! Girls will use their imagination, have fun with science, and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Week Two: July 1 July 5 “Around the World”

As we celebrate the 4th of July, this week will feature art, cooking, singing, and hands on experiences from a variety of cultures across the world through.

Week Three: July 8 July 12 “Buggin’ Out”

Take advantage of the world around us. Find and learn about what makes camp and Massachusetts so special

Week Four: July 15 July 19 “#sWET!”

Explore water sports, water engineering, and teamwork this week. Along with regular summer camp offerings including swimming, we will make time for some extra H2O fun! We will help girls learn ways to cool off (both from heat and from “heated” situations they might find themselves in.)

Week Five: July 22July 26: “Be Insta-fabulous!”

This week, girls get behind the camera and learn how to ‘drop the mic’ by being fabulous in their own ways as they explore technology and media.

Week Six: July 29 August 2 “Adventureland”

Looking for an Adventure? Then join us this week as girls will work together to further explore STEM and enjoy all that our two camp locations have to offer.

Week Seven: August 5 – August 9 “Girls Inc. Olympics

Come join us for a week full of FRIENDly competition as we get the girls moving and introduced them to new sports and fun games.

Week Eight: August 12 – August 16 “Girls Inc. Has Talent!”

Girls share and practice their talents for the big end of the season show! Get creative and explore a variety of music, theater, art, and other forms of self-expression.