2019 STEM & Leadership Camp Themes

Week One: June 24 – June 28, Project “Funway.” 
Our summer kicks off with a little fashion designing, making our own cosmetics and exploring our inner beauty as we walk the “funway”!!!

Week Two: July 1 – July 5, “Turning Back the Clock.” 
This week takes us back in time as we go on an adventure to Old Sturbridge Village and explore and participate in hands-on activities that covers three main concepts of living in early 19th Century New England: agriculture, choosing a trade and how foods were preserved.

Week Three: July 8 – July 12, “The Game of Life…Twists & Turns.”
Join us as we put our leadership and teambuilding skills to the test while we navigate real life twists & turns including a rock climbing adventure!!!

Week Four: July 15- July 19, “Investigate & Navigate.” 
This week we’ll do more than experience science, we’ll start thinking like a scientist as we investigate and navigate our way through lots of fun and engaging activities including a trip to the Boston Museum of Science!!!

Week Five: July 22 – July 26, “Watcha eating?”
Throughout this week we’ll explore healthy nutrition, physical fitness and ways to stay healthy through yummy cooking activities and a fitness challenge!!!

Week Six: July 29 – August 2, “Energizing.” – extended hours on FT day
Join us this week as we examine how energy is contained in everything. We’ll learn about three forms of energy: Potential energy, Kinetic energy, and Mechanical energy, and we’ll explore these energy forms while riding the rides at Canobie Lake Park. You’ll never look at an amusement park the same after this fun filled week.

Week Seven: August 5 – August 19,“Green Spaces.” 
This week we’ll partner with our friends from the Worcester Tree Initiative as we learn about ways we can improve our local environment and take a stroll through Tower Hill Botanical Gardens.

Week Eight: August 12 – August 16,“We’ve Got the Beat.” 
As the sunny days of summer come to an end, we’ll be keeping the beat as we explore mathematical concepts through fun and engaging musical activities like drum circles and prepare for our annual Camp Showcase!!!