Director of Eureka! STEM & Leadership

Responsible for the general safety and implementation of the Eureka! and Eureka! JV Program, including supervision of support staff and volunteers. One of our elite programs, Eureka!, is a year-round, five-year STEM intensive program that engages and empowers 8th-12th grade girls as they develop confidence and discover leadership and academic opportunities in STEM fields.

Ensures that participants have access to positive and healthy learning opportunities the align with the Eureka! program. Provides day to day guidance to program coordinators.

Works collaboratively with Girls Inc. of Worcester COO and CEO in the expansion of the Eureka! and Eureka! JV programs to new service areas.

Girls Inc. recognizes that it is essential for the organization to include the values of diversity and inclusiveness as part of our strategy to achieve our vision and mission. We are committed to recruiting and hiring a diverse staff that represents the population of girls we serve.


1. Responsible for the oversight of Eureka! and Eureka! JV year-round programs; and meeting budget expectations.

2. Develop and maintain a positive, equitable, accessible, safe, and supportive environment for girls, which support individual choice and foster independence.

3. Coordinate the relevant corporate relationships with support from Eureka! Coordinators

4. In conjunction with the Eureka! Coordinators, supervise and implement developmentally appropriate activities for the Eureka! and Eureka! JV program that follow and provide choices and opportunities for participants; including but not limited to externships, health and wellness, STEM and Leadership. Adhering to guidelines established by the Girls Inc. National program models.

5. Manages the implementation of outcome measurements, including the pre and post testing for funders and Girls Inc. National.

6. Directly oversee Eureka! and Eureka! JV program areas by recruiting, training, and organizing participants, employees, and volunteers.

7. Works collaboratively with senior management team to establish annual financial and participation goals, oversees the implementation of these goals, and ensure successful outcomes.

8. Leads in the development of curriculum and activities for both new and ongoing programs.

9. Oversees the yearly College and Career shower celebration.

10. Manage staff working in the Eureka year-round programs.

11. Other duties as assigned.

This position is a direct service position.


1. Communicate with and address any behavior concerns as well as parent/guardian concerns and questions promptly and appropriately

2. Ensure that all necessary attendance data is entered into the Girls Inc. system as needed and requested.

3. Manage fiscal oversight of Eureka! and Eureka! JV program

4. Keep parents/guardians informed of child’s progress, challenges, discipline issues, and activities within the program

5. Other duties as assigned.

Work Schedule: 

Full-Time, Exempt  (Flexibility in hours – requires some evening and weekend hours and travel)

  • 1. At least twenty-one (21) years of age

    2. Valid State-Issued I.D.

    3. Bachelors Degree, with courses in education, recreation, psychology or related field; or an Associates Degree with 2-4 years of work experience in youth work doing similar tasks required for this position; or combination.

    4. Ability to be certified in CPR and First Aid

    5. Organizational and interpersonal skills in order to work collaboratively with youth, staff, and volunteers

    6. Demonstrated skills in working effectively with people from diverse backgrounds

    7. Knowledge of the content and philosophy behind Girls Inc.’s Eureka! and the ability to talk to educators and families about its content and benefits for girls and young women

    8. Understand the importance of youth development and other necessary elements related to building a quality after-school and out-of-school time programs; as well as familiarity with the advantages of single gender programs.

    9. Strong communication skills and the ability to connect with people individually and present to larger groups; to interface with families, community organizations, businesses, and work places in the Greater Worcester and MetroWest areas

    10. Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing youth programs

    11. Organizational skills with attention to detail and maintaining accurate records

    12. Mature, responsible, organized, with strong time management skills

    13. Flexibility in hours – requires some evening and weekend hours and travel

    14. Hold a valid drivers license

    15. Strong written and verbal communication skills

    16. Ability to problem solve and make improvements

Salary and Application Information: 

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $55,000.00 per year

To apply, go to Indeed.

Responsible to: 
Chief Operating Officer